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Bespoke handmade boxes

Every bespoke handmade box is customised to the individual's requirements. Timbers, veneers, designs and finish are all tailored to suit the clients needs, tastes and budgets. Please view the galleries to sample a few commissioned boxes. 

A large storage chest made using  a lovely dark brown American black walnut. The bottom is dovetailed together with the bottom, the middle division has through tenons that are wedged with a beautifully contrasting white ash. At the bottom there are two small piston fit drawers with olive ash sides blind dovetailed into walnut drawer fronts. Inside there are multiple sliding and removable trays made from olive ash. The front has a decorative Peruvian olive wood veneer cut into a starburst pattern. This was designed to hold a number of massage oil bottles so I had to work to specific sizes and dimensions. 

Walnut, ash and Peruvian olive wood storage chest

Maple and cherry playing card storage box

A simple clean design, with cherry, maple and dyed black tulip. Designed to hold two packets of playing cards, this small storage box is lined with blue leather, has hidden barrel hinges and is held closed with invisible earth magnets sunk below the surface.

Walnut and maple display box

A fully bespoke storage box designed to house tea strainers and their pots. Made using American black walnut with maple stringing and internals. The pots sit inside a removable maple tray with the strainers sitting inside small scallops. On the top of the box there is a walnut starburst veneer with contrasting maple stringing. This box was one of two, see below for the second box. 

Maple and walnut display box

As per the Tea strainer display box, this bespoke knife storage box is designed to a similar theme. Made using maple, with a  quadrant starburst design to the lid, with contrasting American black walnut stringing. Inside there is a removable tray that houses the chefs knives in their own inserts. Polished chrome stop hinges and lid keep finish this truly bespoke box off.

Dovetailed cherry and purple heart memory box

This one of a kind solid cherry memory box is traditionally jointed using hand-cut dovetails. The box was made for a family of a car enthusiast who sadly passed away and wanted something to put keepsake memories in. The 'go faster stripe' purple heart inlays add a personal touch to an otherwise simple design.Figured Honduran mahogany on the internal dust seal adds some interest and keeps items inside clean and safe. 

American black walnut display cabinet

A simple display cabinet made using American black walnut dovetailed together. The back panel is a contrasting light maple so the displayed figures stand out. The glass door and shelf keep the displayed items in full view with a discreet shaped walnut door handle finishing this small cabinet off.

Oak and wenge man box

A  unique one off creation made from quarter sawn European oak and wenge. The main box is dovetailed together with wedged through tenons giving an insight to the internal construction. Either side of the box are two small dovetailed drawers, the front is made from the piece of timber that was removed for the drawer cut out and allows the grain to run through. On the box front are two wenge bow ties, these are normally used across splits, but in this case, I used them purely because I like the look of them. The lid is made from wenge veneer and has been cut to form a sunburst design. The handle is made using some sycamore which has some rippled grain, making it look almost 3D. It was then hand shaped to make it feel as natural as possible when in use. This box was entirely made with hand tools, not a single watt was used, just elbow grease!   

Oak and smoked chestnut presentation box

I was commissioned to design and make a presentation box to house some photographic art encased in its own frame.The main box is made from European oak, mitred at the corners with fumed chestnut mitre keys. The top has a fumed chestnut and dyed poplar mosaic inspired veneer, with an oak and wenge twin banding around the edge. It is finished off with brass stopped hinges and push latch. I lined the inside of the box with cork to protect the art during transit.

Dovetailed oak and Peruvian olive wood presentation box

I was commissioned to design and make a presentation box for a fishing club to house tags for fishing competitions.I used European oak for the main carcase, dovetailed together.The top was made from Peruvian olive wood with fumed black tulip stringing, the centre was made using European oak which then had a brass plaque centrally located.

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