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Rosewood and sycamore jewellery box progression

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

In my last blog I had just finished gluing up the bespoke jewellery box lid with the inlayed sycamore and rosewood chequer design. The lid and base are now grooved into the sides and top, this is done by using a small router and chisel.

Once ready I always test the fit of all the components together without any glue, just to make sure everything fits as it should, having all the dovetails, top and bottom glued is not the time to discover a problem! The glue up was uneventful, which is always a win!

Next up is separating the lid from the box, marking round with a pencil line and cutting with a fine tooth japanese saw does the job, a quick tickle round both cut surfaces with a low angle block plane flattens the surfaces off ready for installing the hinges.

I use quality hardware on my boxes to ensure years of use, these must be installed accurately so can sometimes take a bit of time to get spot on!

Hinges all fitted the next step is working on the internals.



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