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Sooo, I started an etsy shop.....

I often get queries for boxes from people who don't really know what it is they want. "something pretty" can be interpreted in a million and one ways. I thought I'd make a few one off boxes for my new etsy shop, that way I am not bound by design constraints and can "make it up as I go along" which happens to be my favourite way of working!! Here is the first box produced, using American maple, hand mitred, and strengthened using wenge mitre keys. A wenge trim around the top edge adds some contrast to the light coloured maple. I selected American cherry for the lid, cherry is one of my favourite timbers, its great to work with and goes a beautiful colour with age! The lid is hand shaped and breaks out through the front creating a handle to open. The final process is 3 coats of Tru oil which gives it a beautifully silky feel and adds great depth to the figured maple. Link for my shop is on "my products" page.

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