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What's in the shop.

So the idea of this blog is to show you behind the scenes of each bespoke wooden box i make.

First up is a jewellery box, made from rosewood and sycamore for the main box, with a burr walnut and pippy sycamore veneer lid and base. The lift out try will also be sycamore with a blue velvet lining.

Sycamore has to be one of my favourite woods to work with, it's clear grain structure has a clean, crisp look and it planes and shapes relatively easy. Rosewood on the other hand can be a huge pain! It may look classy and opulent, but it can be a right bugger to work with, add in the fact I'm allergic to the dust and look like a strawberry when using it you can understand why I'm reluctant to use it! All that is forgiven as it is really is quite pretty!

The contrast between the two timbers is really eye-catching and highlights crisp lines and details.

The reason for using the timbers goes back to a commission for an urn, where the same planks were used, the offcuts were kept and I have been asked to make a jewellery box for a family member with them. The chequer board design on the jewellery box lid will reflect that of the urn.

So far the main box has been dovetailed together, the top and base has had burr walnut and pippy sycamore bonded to some 1/4 inch birch plywood, and I've just started the chequered inlay for the top.


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